Models & Molds

We offer the service of conception of model to measure for the foundry.

Proud of our expertise in the finish of matrices, our techniques allow to produce finity of surface polished “Hi-Gloss” of mirror of very good quality.

Kayak matrice built in “Ren Shape” works of polyurèthane with a class-A finish polished mirror and a mould of roto nickel molding by process of veneer.


It works on either the manufacturing of wood pieces, plastic pieces or composites materials. The displacements are 51” x 118” x 150” ( 1300 x 3000 x 3800 mm.) Also we can move the piece on precision rail in order to obtain a work surface of 12.5 ‘x 17′ feet.

Below: Easy manufactured matrix of a truck’s hood.

Matrice de capot de camion usinée aisément.


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